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[Teaser] VR Zone at MCE! Meet Polidea's Teleoperating Robot

May 14, 2018

Interested in what can come up with a combination of VR and Robotics? This is just a teaser of my post at Polidea blog.

I strongly believe that at some point in the future emerging technologies, like Machine Learning, IoT, VR/AR and Robotics will converge, creating powerful tools for daily activities for decision makers.

mce vr kris2

During my time in Polidea, with a close collaboration with—that built a software platform controlling the robot—and Encon-Koester, exclusively for MCE 2018, we developed the VR industrial training inspired game, where the virtual actions of the human player will be followed by the real-life robot player.

mcevr decor1

You can read full text at Polidea blog, but here's a short video of the project.