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Virtual Business Assistant for Web&AR

Business Development, Customer Development and general sales activities are time consuming and often do not provide enough return on both time and monay investments. Moreover, consumers wants to buy or get their service done as soon as and as fast as possible, not regarding time of the day.

That's why we have created a 3D Virtual Business Assistant for Web & AR, which is much more engaging than a regular text chatbot and allows customers to learn more about vRational brand and schedule a project consultation with one of our consultants. Each appointment is validated with our MakePlan Business Calendar and confirmation is sent to the customer via email.

Customer can communicate with our chatbot naturally using voice or by selecting one of the propositions displayed in response.

Application was built with Amazon Sumerian and provided Host component, Amazon Lex with a custom built AWS Lambda function wrote in Python. We also use text-to-speech AWS Polly service to allow our Virtual Assistant to respond with voice.

It works both on web and as an AR application (in a separate AR-enabled scene, which have to be wrapped in provided ARCore starter Android project.)


Tools & Technologies The tech stack used in the project

  • Amazon Sumerian
  • AWS Lex, Polly
  • AWS Lambda Function
  • Python
  • ARCore

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